Looking for my buddy Moe

I heard that my old buddy Moe has gone missing.  I came down on that long ride from NH to Fla. with my mummy, daddy and my 2 kitty buddies, Moe and Puddinhead.  Puddin passed way before me after Christmas of last year.  When I left , Moe was the only one left behind. Moe was older than me. I would try to chase him but he would just snarl at me and have none of that chasing stuff Anyway, Mummy and Daddy have been looking everywhere for him.  I know he was a diabetic and needs his insulin and he loves to eat !!!. I would try to eat his food sometimes.  I hope they find him soon.  He’s a good buddy.








Date May 30 – My buddy wandered home today !!!! yay!!  He was hungry……. Good to see him lying around again.


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The Best Pup-Pup that ever lived

This is Pokeys Dad – I had intended on posting this on Jan 23rd when Pokey Passed away.

I need to tell everyone how much we miss Pokey and how he enriched our lives with his constant love for us. Always happy to see us and wake me up every morning. I miss that paw scratch at the door.

We are hoping to start an awareness group about canine cancer and maybe even a non profit group to raise money for research groups.

Pokeys mummy made these wonderful tribute videos –

Pokeys Tribute

Pokeys Says Goodbye

We now have added a new puppy to our family – 5 month girl named Sydney – another hound mix – We rescued her from a shelter just like we did with Pokey…….life goes on…

This is a great video on how I feel and felt on that last day

 Last Minutes with ODEN

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Pokey speaks……from beyond

hey gang……..hanging at the bridge now.  Feeling better and have more pep!! I have lots of other doggies to play with and plenty of food and water.   Just missing one thing…my mummy and daddy.  They tell me at the bridge info center that I can stay here until they come and get me some day. Until then I’m off the leash !!! and can run free.  Everyone here is so nice.

I learned in our pup-pup rainbow bridge class that I have a spirit and that spirits never die.  They say that my parents spirit was changed once I came to be with them.  It made them better people. I’m glad I was able to help them be better, I thought my job was just to protect the house from the UPS man. I guess I had an important job after all.

Now I can visit my mummy and daddy with my spirit whenever I want. To let them know I’m happy and ok.

If I had a wish , I would like to see my yard ,toys and food bowls be used by another pup-pup.  Another spirit that can help bring joy and happiness to the best doggy parents a pup-pup like me could ever hope for.

I’m off my leash and running free waiting for my mummy and daddy.







So long for now……….until we meet again……………...baroooooooooooooo


“A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside. A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. ”
John Grogan

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Is this the end my friend?

Bad Day today……… I’ve been weak for a week or more.   I can slurp a lot of water but I still can’t eat that well.  Unless Daddy brings me some KFC chicken. I am so hungry but it hurts to eat.  That chicken smelled so good I had to have some.

Yum!!!!  And I still love Redi -Whip as I am a junky.  I miss those Peanut butter jars mummy would give me. I would lick out every nook to get that sweet stuff.  Takes me all day. But I digress…………..

Yup…today is not a good day.  I can’t catch my breath and it takes all the energy I have to wag my tail. I love my mummy and daddy so much  and I NEED to show them that I love them. Always……..

They took me in as a puppy from a store front shelter in Haverhill, Mass.  I was on a website and that called me “Red Rover”. My daddy and mummy found me and gave me a great home and the name Pokey. Taught me how to sit, lay down , paw and high five.  My job was to protect the house from the UPS man and bark at everyone that came by.  I had a home.

I have so many memories in my short life as a handsome dude.  A wonderful life.  I couldn’t have asked for a better home.

I wish I could be there everyday at the front door waiting for the best parents a doggy could ever have … for ever and ever……..

I just need some time to sleep and dream of running on the beach with mummy and daddy………..

My mummy and daddy always take care of me and bring me to all kinds of doctors.

But…..I can’t out run the Big C.  It’s time to let go.  I can’t win.

It’s difficult for me because I love my parents so much and can’t stand to leave them. It’s hard enough when they go to work and I think they will never come back. (But they always do come back).    Now I need to let them know it’s ok  for me to go on my own.  I will be ok now.  I hope I was able to do my job of being happy and joyful every day no matter what.  I will remember the best doggy parents forever.  so long…….Barooooooooooo



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well….. I least I can still walk……

The Big C may not be so BIG……. I went to the Vet Oncologist Dr. Ward and she couldn’t biopsy my one swollen lymph node because it was too small.  I guess thats good news …………….. BUT

I do have Masticatory Muscle Mysositis (MMM) –  Thats a mouthful.

What is Masticatory muscle myositis?

Masticatory muscle myositis, commonly abbreviated MMM, is an inflammatory disease the affects the jaws of the dog. The jaw of the dog swells up and it can be difficult for the dog to open its mouth. The condition is painful. Chronic MMM can cause scar formation that makes it impossible for the dog to open its mouth.



Masticatory muscle myositis symptoms in dogs

A dog with acute Masticatory muscle myositis can show symptoms such as swollen jaw muscles and drooling, and it can be painful for the dog to open up the mouth.

Chronic Masticatory muscle myositis causes jaw muscles atrophy and scars will form in the masticatory muscles. The scars can make it impossible for the dog to open its mouth, a condition known as trismus.

The most commonly used Masticatory muscle myositis treatment is to give the sick dog corticosteroids (glucocorticoids), e.g. Prednisone.


So that’s why I couldn’t eat ?? or bark or lick mummys face …………. It has made my head look a little different. I have lost some strength on the Prednisone but I hope to get it back.  I have been eating very soft food for weeks but tonight I ate all of Daddy’s chicken from his KFC Bucket. MMMMMMMMM……. I think I can do it. I am not the same pup but I do wag my tail when I see Mummy, Daddy and Nana. Nana has been taking care of me this week while mummy goes back to work and fly’s to Atlanta next week.

Time for bed



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I got the Big “C”

Jan 5, 2012

Ya know I was just running around on the dog beach in November and even got yelled at for humpin a dog!!    December has been the worse.  I was at the Vet for a sore throat – got poked and prodded and given antibiotics.  Then a couple of days later I end up in the ER after I was choking on a hot dog at Nana’s house.  I was poked , prodded and had anesthesia to see what the heck was goin’ on in my mouth.   Given more antibiotics.  Wait and see.  Time passed but I was very sore and couldn’t eat and then I couldn’t drink.

Back to the vet and we scheduled surgery. (well my mummy and daddy did that because I don’t have a credit card).   On surgery day  I did my usual shakin” on the table and went on the table. When it was all done they told me that they took a “mass” out and they put a tube in my neck.  At least I could eat !!! Not the way I wanted to eat but I stopped losing weight. I had to wait a week to find THE answer. HOPING for a good answer. DREAMING that it was all a bad dream. Last Thursday Dec 29th they told me I had Cancer on my tonsil that was removed.

Its called Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) but the pathologist could not rule out Lymphoma.  UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I wish I could bark my brains out. I haven’t been able to bark for over a month. I am sooooooo tired all the time. My feeding tube is out but I still can’t eat. I thought cutting that thing out would help.  My mummy and daddy have to feed me with a big syringe.  I do lap up milk and sometimes ice cream with whipped cream on top.  But my world is upside down – so fast. The Doc told me I got 6 months or more.  The Oncologist said it was not treatable – enjoy life….. and run up all your credit cards ( I wish I had a credit card)

Jan 8, 2012

Mummy took me out for a walk today and I did have some energy to sniff a lot.

I am a hound mix so I loooove to sniff

Time for a nap!!!

Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

I start on my prednisone today to see if I can get my appetite back and then maybe we do the chemo thing……

I am so tired all the time. I can’t eat on my own and my mummy feeds me all day long with a big syringe. I did lap up 2 bowls of milk today but I have to do it lying down. I hope I will get some energy back. I don’t want to go just yet. I still have people I need to bark at again. I miss playing goofy paws and pulling every squeeker out of my toys. I miss jumping up at the door when my mummy and daddy get home and carrying a shoe around the house.  Time for a miracle.

Weds Jan 11, 2012

I went to my vet Dr. Maus & Dr. Greenwald today to check on my condition.  They knocked me out and when they were done they think I may also have masticatory muscle myositis (MMM). Its a disease that attacks your jaw muscles and prevents you from eating. Maybe that’s why I have wanted to open my mouth in 4 weeks. I am on mega doses of prednisone to help me. My tumor site still looks a little nasty but now we go see Dr. Ward to see if I have cancer in my Lymph nodes tommorrow.   I’m crossing my paws. On a good note I have been eating like a fiend since I got home – I think when I come off the drugs I feel good !!!! Today was a good day.

Thurs Jan 12, 2012

Today Daddy and Mummy took me to see Dr Ward, the oncologist. She was going to biopsy my lymph node. She sent me home because my lymph node was too small to check. She says that we should wait and see. They seemed happy about that.  I went home and had Nan visit me. I was wagging my tail and I actually barked. I still get tired easy but things are better. I ate all of my food and some raw hamburger. I am drinking water and milk on my own.  another good day….

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Hurricaine Irene – Is there any bread or milk left at the stores in Mass. ???


Look Out - Here I come !!!!!

We Floridians chuckle a bit on the hoopla about a Cat 1  hurricane hitting New England.  At best it will probably be 50 mph wind gusts with a lot of rain.  Having lived up north I find it crazy when any of these storms or even snow storms come. The residents up there freak out and think they will “holed up” like Billy the Kidd in the hills and need as much milk, water , bread and for some goofy reason, eggs as can be stuffed in 3 shopping carts. 





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