Been Gone 5 years now….


This was my baby pic at the shelter in Haverhill, Mass that my Daddy saw.  I was named “red rover” at the time.  Then he came to see me with Mary.  Me and my brother Linky played with daddy and mummy in the room.  Then they decided to take me home !!!
They also gave me a new name “Pokey”.   So home i went and I never looked back.  I had a new daddy and mummy and I would live in Manchester, NH. They made a fenced in yard for me so I wouldn’t run in the city traffic. I did dig underneath every now and then and Daddy would place chase with me as I dodged the big cars.  I also had to learn to climb up on the big chair and the stairs.

Later on we had a party in the back yard and my brother Linky was there !!! and we played together. some times we would visit each other house and play.

Linky had blue eyes and I had a white stripe on top of my head.  I hear Linky is still doing well at age 12.  Mummy went to visit Linky and I think Linky remembers her. You know we have good noses.

So anyway – all is well at the Rainbow bridge. I play with new pups all the time. I still see my kitty family – Moe and Puddinhead. I keep an eye on mummy and Daddy plus I whisper and pass on what I know to Sydney who is now the Pup of the house.  So no need to worry. I hear my old buddy Sammy may see me soon, that would be cool to play with her again.

an oh yeah I forgot my signature bark








About pokeyspeaks1

I bark about all kinds of things, usually at people who pass by on the street. Now I want my bark to be heard by many more!!!!
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