My Daddy hurt his Fingertip

Hi, it’s Pokey again, speaking from beyond the rainbow bridge. I always keep an eye on things and give my sister Sydney lessons on how to protect the house from the UPS Man.

My Daddy hurt his finger tip.  His hands, they kind of look like my paws, but he always used to stroke my fur with his hands and his fingers.  But then he hurt himself on Nov 15, 2016 and I know that sound of a wounded pup.

They had just come back from riding in a big RV truck that we slept in with mummy and he raced his motorcycle in Georgia.  My sister Sydney was keeping an eye on things

She looks a lot like me.

Anyway Daddy was taking the trailer off the rolling RV house and putting it on the big white van to put it back in the driveway.  And then I heard him yelp…………….

Daddy got his finger caught in the trailer hitch and my sister Sydney let mummy know.
He went to Venice Regional Hospital  – like the hospital mummy and daddy took me when I was sick.  He came out with a big bandage on his middle finger on his left paw. He told us that a piece of the fingertip was gone and he had to see a special doctor.

Daddy was more mad at himself than in pain. He was sad that something he uses all the time is gone. Not a lot but gone. I guess it would be like me missing  piece of my tail.

So Daddy goes to see the Doctor that had fixed his shoulder – an orthopedic doctor.  He looked at it and said the treatment will be real simple. We will just bandage it up and let it heal on its own. Then come back for regular visits and new bandages.  The Doctor said that we will all be surprised how well it will heal on its own.  It was a level 3 and the bone was still there but a chunk of skin and the nail was missing.  The Nurse used a special clear bandage called Tegaderm from 3M.   Then she said DO NOT TAKE IT OFF.  Let it just heal.  So she puts skin colored tape over it and the healing begins.

So now Daddy starts going through through the magic box that has all answers.

The Computer.

He looks up stuff on fingertips and how they get fixed and also about that 3M Tegaderm.

He found an article from Dr. Nelson in California who pioneered its use in the US.

Tegaderm Technique

Dr. Nelson – Finger Amputations        Fingertip Amputations: Notes for Surgeons

So daddy starts to believe in this Tegaderm procedure but he had thought he would need surgery and maybe skin from some other part of his body.  Nope.  He keeps looking in the magic box for more stories.

He found another man, Kevin from Mass. ,  who cut off about the same amount on the same finger in Aug 2016. By Nov 2016 (12 weeks later) it had mostly grown back.


Kevin is a classical guitarist who needs his fingers and his nails. He also is music teacher and needed healthy hands to teach and play with. He also was searching for a good procedure because many doctors did not seem to have a consistent system.

So he did a lot of research –  He made his own Blog –   My Fingertip Amputation

Kevin discovered Moist healing and it was used more in wound care

The same procedure that Dr. Nelson had done.

My daddy and his new friend Kevin exchanged stories and treatment strategies. He seemed to like that. Daddy is now in week # 6 – about 50% done.  Dec 27, 2016. He has learned to change his own dressing with 3M Tegaderm and found it at Walgreen’s, CVS and Amazon.

Daddy also uses 1″ white gauze over the Tegaderm to protect and soak up any leaks from the moist healing and after 5 days puts on new Tegaderm – no infections.

He even raced his Motorcycle again on Dec 10 with a modified glove

So I will update as my Pup Daddy get better and he can ride his bicycle with Sydney again.

Daddy will have another pic selection of his progress but warns you that its is graphic.

Finger tip progress


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