my sister Sydney is growing up

Yup, It only seems like yesterday but I have been gone 6 months now. That’s like 3.5 dog years but still …I’m just barkin’ (my mom says “I’m just sayin” – dog humor). Yup , them neighbors must be relieved that I’m not barking at everything and everyone anymore. I mean I could bark and bark forever and loud too. Especially when I wanted Daddy to play with me. But now we have my new sister Sydney taking my place. She plays with my old toys and my old backyard and even goes to doggie daycare like I used to do. Sydney is now 11 months old and weighs 50+ lbs just like me. She has been a big help around the house especially taking my old lookout spot and my place on the sofa. Now Syd is a little different than me and likes to sleep in every morning. Sydney said to me “Daddy and I like to lay around in bed until he feels like getting up” Daddy sings her a song every night like he use to do with me. Daddy would tell me a story about a little dog named Barooo. He was a little dog with a BIG bark …just like me. Now Sydney has a song called ” Sydney with the big Paw-eens” that he tells every chance he gets. Mummy and Daddy are good doggie parents and take good care of Sydney like they took care of me. I remember when Daddy was chasing me up and down the city streets of Manchester, NH when I dug a hole under the new fence. The cars were whizzing by and kept on running. I don’t know why Daddy was so worried. Now Daddy takes Sydney to daycare everyday and Mummy takes her home. She is so pooped !! I watch from above and tell Sydney things to do , like lick mummy’s face and don’t let daddy put you in the pool, things like that. Ok Sydney, take care of our parents and don’t chase Moe too much, he’s getting old. I will be waiting as always.

My sister Sydney


About pokeyspeaks1

I bark about all kinds of things, usually at people who pass by on the street. Now I want my bark to be heard by many more!!!!
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One Response to my sister Sydney is growing up

  1. Mary Doherty says:

    ❤ it! I cannot believe it is 6 months today since we said good-bye. Mommy and Daddy miss you buddy! Hope you are barking to your little hearts content on the Rainbow Bridge!

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