The Best Pup-Pup that ever lived

This is Pokeys Dad – I had intended on posting this on Jan 23rd when Pokey Passed away.

I need to tell everyone how much we miss Pokey and how he enriched our lives with his constant love for us. Always happy to see us and wake me up every morning. I miss that paw scratch at the door.

We are hoping to start an awareness group about canine cancer and maybe even a non profit group to raise money for research groups.

Pokeys mummy made these wonderful tribute videos –

Pokeys Tribute

Pokeys Says Goodbye

We now have added a new puppy to our family – 5 month girl named Sydney – another hound mix – We rescued her from a shelter just like we did with Pokey…….life goes on…

This is a great video on how I feel and felt on that last day

 Last Minutes with ODEN


About pokeyspeaks1

I bark about all kinds of things, usually at people who pass by on the street. Now I want my bark to be heard by many more!!!!
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One Response to The Best Pup-Pup that ever lived

  1. Mary Doherty says:

    My precious boy…Mommy and Daddy miss you everyday. But we know that you are in a better place. We wish that you could have met Sydney. She is a lot like you in her own special way. We miss you and love you so much…

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