Is this the end my friend?

Bad Day today……… I’ve been weak for a week or more.   I can slurp a lot of water but I still can’t eat that well.  Unless Daddy brings me some KFC chicken. I am so hungry but it hurts to eat.  That chicken smelled so good I had to have some.

Yum!!!!  And I still love Redi -Whip as I am a junky.  I miss those Peanut butter jars mummy would give me. I would lick out every nook to get that sweet stuff.  Takes me all day. But I digress…………..

Yup…today is not a good day.  I can’t catch my breath and it takes all the energy I have to wag my tail. I love my mummy and daddy so much  and I NEED to show them that I love them. Always……..

They took me in as a puppy from a store front shelter in Haverhill, Mass.  I was on a website and that called me “Red Rover”. My daddy and mummy found me and gave me a great home and the name Pokey. Taught me how to sit, lay down , paw and high five.  My job was to protect the house from the UPS man and bark at everyone that came by.  I had a home.

I have so many memories in my short life as a handsome dude.  A wonderful life.  I couldn’t have asked for a better home.

I wish I could be there everyday at the front door waiting for the best parents a doggy could ever have … for ever and ever……..

I just need some time to sleep and dream of running on the beach with mummy and daddy………..

My mummy and daddy always take care of me and bring me to all kinds of doctors.

But…..I can’t out run the Big C.  It’s time to let go.  I can’t win.

It’s difficult for me because I love my parents so much and can’t stand to leave them. It’s hard enough when they go to work and I think they will never come back. (But they always do come back).    Now I need to let them know it’s ok  for me to go on my own.  I will be ok now.  I hope I was able to do my job of being happy and joyful every day no matter what.  I will remember the best doggy parents forever.  so long…….Barooooooooooo




About pokeyspeaks1

I bark about all kinds of things, usually at people who pass by on the street. Now I want my bark to be heard by many more!!!!
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3 Responses to Is this the end my friend?

  1. Mary Doherty says:

    Mommy and Daddy love you so much Buddy…you are such a fighter! oxoxox

    • Beautiful made me cry and at the same time get to know a great little dog named Pokey who found his forever home with 2 loving and adoring puppy parents. I understand your pain and am soo very sorry. Karen

  2. Joe Ciccarelli says:

    Great parents to a great dog.Such a beautiful tribute. A very sad time for everyone who knows and loves Pokey. He was a little suspicious of me at first being a good guard dog but we became close friends. The most energetic dog I ever met.

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