What the heck is going on in this country !!!

The crumbling of America infrastructure – why are we not creating jobs to fix things?
This is a History Channel 2009 special that I see being re-run this morning. The story of how the infrastructure is crumbling.


I am sure my Uncle Billy, the civil engineer, can speak tothe problems with bridges !!
Currently in this country some will say that the Fed govt. shouldn’t fund anything and just reduce the debt. That the states should be in charge of there own infrastructure. I disagree. WOOF!!!
I had hoped that the current administration was going to get jobs going by creating more projects to fix our systems. That has not happened. I also believe that the other party will be disinterested in spending that kind of money also.
By the way, in the 50’s Pres. Eisenhower started the interstate system with 90% fed funds.


The Tax Code and how we all pay less ( some pay way less than others )
If you look at various years you will see a wide changes from decade to decade and always changes year to year.
ex: of fed tax rate
Married Filing Jointly
50.0% $44,000 $52,000
50.0% $44,000 $52,000
49.0% $60,000 $85,600
38.5% $90,000( max rate )
31.0% $82,150 ( max rate )
39.6% $288,350 ( max rate )
35.0% $379,150 ( max rate )
I am sure you need to factor in inflation
If you are good at math you can see the trend that all people pay less percentage as time has gone on. Was it too high at one time ?? probably, but we got things done……
This is good reading
History of the US Tax System
This is interesting and wars seem to play a factor.
Thats all my blathering for today !!! Bark Bark Bark

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I bark about all kinds of things, usually at people who pass by on the street. Now I want my bark to be heard by many more!!!!
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One Response to What the heck is going on in this country !!!

  1. Teri says:

    Some good thinkin (I mean barking) there Pokey. Keep it up!

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