Been Gone 5 years now….


This was my baby pic at the shelter in Haverhill, Mass that my Daddy saw.  I was named “red rover” at the time.  Then he came to see me with Mary.  Me and my brother Linky played with daddy and mummy in the room.  Then they decided to take me home !!!
They also gave me a new name “Pokey”.   So home i went and I never looked back.  I had a new daddy and mummy and I would live in Manchester, NH. They made a fenced in yard for me so I wouldn’t run in the city traffic. I did dig underneath every now and then and Daddy would place chase with me as I dodged the big cars.  I also had to learn to climb up on the big chair and the stairs.

Later on we had a party in the back yard and my brother Linky was there !!! and we played together. some times we would visit each other house and play.

Linky had blue eyes and I had a white stripe on top of my head.  I hear Linky is still doing well at age 12.  Mummy went to visit Linky and I think Linky remembers her. You know we have good noses.

So anyway – all is well at the Rainbow bridge. I play with new pups all the time. I still see my kitty family – Moe and Puddinhead. I keep an eye on mummy and Daddy plus I whisper and pass on what I know to Sydney who is now the Pup of the house.  So no need to worry. I hear my old buddy Sammy may see me soon, that would be cool to play with her again.

an oh yeah I forgot my signature bark







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My Daddy hurt his Fingertip

Hi, it’s Pokey again, speaking from beyond the rainbow bridge. I always keep an eye on things and give my sister Sydney lessons on how to protect the house from the UPS Man.

My Daddy hurt his finger tip.  His hands, they kind of look like my paws, but he always used to stroke my fur with his hands and his fingers.  But then he hurt himself on Nov 15, 2016 and I know that sound of a wounded pup.

They had just come back from riding in a big RV truck that we slept in with mummy and he raced his motorcycle in Georgia.  My sister Sydney was keeping an eye on things

She looks a lot like me.

Anyway Daddy was taking the trailer off the rolling RV house and putting it on the big white van to put it back in the driveway.  And then I heard him yelp…………….

Daddy got his finger caught in the trailer hitch and my sister Sydney let mummy know.
He went to Venice Regional Hospital  – like the hospital mummy and daddy took me when I was sick.  He came out with a big bandage on his middle finger on his left paw. He told us that a piece of the fingertip was gone and he had to see a special doctor.

Daddy was more mad at himself than in pain. He was sad that something he uses all the time is gone. Not a lot but gone. I guess it would be like me missing  piece of my tail.

So Daddy goes to see the Doctor that had fixed his shoulder – an orthopedic doctor.  He looked at it and said the treatment will be real simple. We will just bandage it up and let it heal on its own. Then come back for regular visits and new bandages.  The Doctor said that we will all be surprised how well it will heal on its own.  It was a level 3 and the bone was still there but a chunk of skin and the nail was missing.  The Nurse used a special clear bandage called Tegaderm from 3M.   Then she said DO NOT TAKE IT OFF.  Let it just heal.  So she puts skin colored tape over it and the healing begins.

So now Daddy starts going through through the magic box that has all answers.

The Computer.

He looks up stuff on fingertips and how they get fixed and also about that 3M Tegaderm.

He found an article from Dr. Nelson in California who pioneered its use in the US.

Tegaderm Technique

Dr. Nelson – Finger Amputations        Fingertip Amputations: Notes for Surgeons

So daddy starts to believe in this Tegaderm procedure but he had thought he would need surgery and maybe skin from some other part of his body.  Nope.  He keeps looking in the magic box for more stories.

He found another man, Kevin from Mass. ,  who cut off about the same amount on the same finger in Aug 2016. By Nov 2016 (12 weeks later) it had mostly grown back.


Kevin is a classical guitarist who needs his fingers and his nails. He also is music teacher and needed healthy hands to teach and play with. He also was searching for a good procedure because many doctors did not seem to have a consistent system.

So he did a lot of research –  He made his own Blog –   My Fingertip Amputation

Kevin discovered Moist healing and it was used more in wound care

The same procedure that Dr. Nelson had done.

My daddy and his new friend Kevin exchanged stories and treatment strategies. He seemed to like that. Daddy is now in week # 6 – about 50% done.  Dec 27, 2016. He has learned to change his own dressing with 3M Tegaderm and found it at Walgreen’s, CVS and Amazon.

Daddy also uses 1″ white gauze over the Tegaderm to protect and soak up any leaks from the moist healing and after 5 days puts on new Tegaderm – no infections.

He even raced his Motorcycle again on Dec 10 with a modified glove

So I will update as my Pup Daddy get better and he can ride his bicycle with Sydney again.

Daddy will have another pic selection of his progress but warns you that its is graphic.

Finger tip progress

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My Daddy’s – Daddy

I was just up here playing with my rainbow doggie friends when I saw my Daddy’s Daddy. The last time I saw him was on the doggie beach in Venice, Florida when he came down from Burlington, Mass to visit for Thanksgiving in 2011. He saw me , waved and said “Hello Pokey”.   I trotted over and he petted my fur. It felt good to have a family member pet me again.              My Daddy’s daddy is named “Ted”.

dad best recent

He told me that my Daddy and Mummy were ok and that they still loved me and wait to see me again. He told me he had a great ceremony to get here and was very impressed with the soldier who played Taps. It was beautiful. The military honors and after care were beyond his wishes.

He said that all his children, family and friends were sad Dad and Meand happy at the same time. Just like they were for a pup like me. Ted also said that he didn’t want to leave…… Just like me. He also said that wasn’t up to us when we go to heaven. Our only job was to live a good life. My job was to kiss and lick my mummy and daddy’s face every chance I got. (and to bark at the UPS man). My daddy’s daddy’s job was to raise, support and love his children. To love his family and his friends. To be a good person. I can see he did all that.

dad and mum

Ted say’s he has to go now and gives me one last pat on the head. I sit and watch.

dad and janetI watch him go to a large group of people waiting to see him including his mummy and daddy. He looks very happy and I bark a goodbye. Baroooooooo………….

I have good feelings. My Mummy and Daddy are doggie and kitty parents for us orphans.  The best I could have expected. I can see where they get it from – good parents.

I will also see my mummy and daddy again.


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One year ago……. 7 in dog years

Baroooooo……………. Well it’s been a year and I bet the neighbors don’t miss my barking.  I’ve been busy – playing and getting reacquainted with my old buddies Moe and Puddinhead.  We all rode down from NH together in 2005 and made Florida our home.  Daddy made me a nice backyard to play and well…… you know  – do other stuff.  Mummy brought me to a great doggie daycare – Paws Playground and I had a new Aunt Toneen that took care of me everyday with my buddy Samantha.  I miss mummy, daddy, nana and all my old pup friends. I miss trotting next to Daddy on the bicycle and hanging my head out the window when we drove to get lottery tickets. (I had to pick the winners).  I miss mummy saying “wanna go for a ride?” and then kissing her forever…… I know I left early but I think I lived a full life.  Couldn’t ask for anything better when they picked me at the store front doggie pound in Haverhill, Mass.  I did win the lottery !!!

Now I whisper in my sister’s ear and tell her what to do to make everyone happy.  The best I can do now.  My spirit lives on I guess…… and if you listen real hard you can hear a mutt barking……… baroooooo.   My name is Pokey and I was the best pup-pup I could be. 


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My buddy Moe has joined the Doherty bridge gang !!


 My old buddy Moe, has re-joined the family up here at the bridge.  Puddinhead and I are so happy to see Moe and hear his weird meow. He must be hungry, he always is hungry and we are all suckers for CHICKEN !!!!.   We were wondering when he would get here as he had some health “issues” but he is a tough cat and did not want to give up. He loved his daddy and mummy so much and didn’t want to leave but things happen. I can tell you all about things happening, especially unplanned stuff.   

I know that mummy and daddy miss Moe so much as they miss us. If I can speak for Moe “Marrrrrr…….”  Well that’s his weird meow.  What I meant to say is that we all miss mummy and daddy so much and hope we patiently for the day we meet again.  Moe also wants to add that he misses mummy’s grooming comb as that made him purr so much and so happy and mummy helped him overcome his shyness.  Moe wants to thank daddy for saving his life 6 years ago. Daddy didn’t give up even though the vet was not so sure. After Puddin and I left daddy would joke that Moe was the last “Moe-hican”.  ha ha…. barroooooo. 

Well, now we pass the Doherty pet baton on to Sydney – my step sister and a new calico kitty named Tinkerbell.  I understand Sydney has been a joy and I have been told by bridge management that she was sent on a special angel mission to help bring love back to mummy and daddy’s house. She’s doing a good job and I whisper in her ear about things that I used to do. Tink still hides a lot but that will change.

well I don’t know what else to bark, but I am always watching over my old house and keep an eye on the UPS man and those nutty squirrels. We will show Moe the ropes, so don’t worry.   

Until we meet again – BARROOOOOOOO………………

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my sister Sydney is growing up

Yup, It only seems like yesterday but I have been gone 6 months now. That’s like 3.5 dog years but still …I’m just barkin’ (my mom says “I’m just sayin” – dog humor). Yup , them neighbors must be relieved that I’m not barking at everything and everyone anymore. I mean I could bark and bark forever and loud too. Especially when I wanted Daddy to play with me. But now we have my new sister Sydney taking my place. She plays with my old toys and my old backyard and even goes to doggie daycare like I used to do. Sydney is now 11 months old and weighs 50+ lbs just like me. She has been a big help around the house especially taking my old lookout spot and my place on the sofa. Now Syd is a little different than me and likes to sleep in every morning. Sydney said to me “Daddy and I like to lay around in bed until he feels like getting up” Daddy sings her a song every night like he use to do with me. Daddy would tell me a story about a little dog named Barooo. He was a little dog with a BIG bark …just like me. Now Sydney has a song called ” Sydney with the big Paw-eens” that he tells every chance he gets. Mummy and Daddy are good doggie parents and take good care of Sydney like they took care of me. I remember when Daddy was chasing me up and down the city streets of Manchester, NH when I dug a hole under the new fence. The cars were whizzing by and kept on running. I don’t know why Daddy was so worried. Now Daddy takes Sydney to daycare everyday and Mummy takes her home. She is so pooped !! I watch from above and tell Sydney things to do , like lick mummy’s face and don’t let daddy put you in the pool, things like that. Ok Sydney, take care of our parents and don’t chase Moe too much, he’s getting old. I will be waiting as always.

My sister Sydney

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Pokey’s Dream……………

My Daddy and Mummy are organizing a canine cancer awareness group for our area in SW Florida.  ( Don’t I sound pretty smart ??)  Anyway the group will be associated with a national organization and will work to educate the public and do some fun fundraising events to fund research on this dreaded disease. Tell me about it!!!  I got my cancer and and it was terrible and fast…… I didn’t know that about 50% of us pups up here at the rainbow bridge died from cancer. So my parents are starting a group called “Pokey’s Dream”. My dream is for all pup’s don’t have to go through what I went through. I thought I had many years left and this cancer thing took it away. I don’t know why. Many of us pup’s up here have fun but still wait patiently for our owners to come get us. Someday we will be together again!! I can dream can’t I ?……….yeah….. Check my Facebook Link !!!

Pokeys Dream – Fight Canine Cancer

There is a great facility in Colorado with a great Doctor that is trying his best to help us Pups.

Dr. Stephen Withrow – Founder and Associate Director of the Animal Cancer Center

National Canine Cancer Foundation

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